UBC Food Services is working behind the scenes to serve athletes and coaches

This is being written on behalf of an amazing team of food service professionals who are working hard behind the scenes to prepare to serve the athletes and coaches attending the Special Olympics at UBC. This service is being coordinated from our production centers on campus, with all menu items being prepared by our chefs and culinary team. The athletes will be served healthy and nutritious meals, ensuring they are ready to compete and be in top form! Smiling, helpful Food Services staff will be on hand to prepare, serve, greet, clean and hit repeat throughout the day!

Here are some fun food facts:
– Over 33,000 meals will be served over the 8 days
– Peak days serving over 5000 meals per day!
– The equivalent of 21,500 eggs will be cracked for scrambled eggs!
– all service for the athlete meals in the dining spaces will be with reusable cutlery, china and cups – no disposables!
– reusable totes are being implemented for the box lunch program
– there are over 4000 box lunches being prepared and distributed – that is a lot of sandwiches!
– Fairtrade bananas are being sourced for the box lunches
– items from the UBC Farm are being sourced and used as available

Food Services is continuing to work on the planning, ordering and preparation for the upcoming Games. Our role will not begin until the athletes begin to arrive on Sunday July 6th. From there, it will be a whirlwind of cooking, cleaning and serving – holiday dinners on overdrive! Our team is excited to be part of the Special Olympic Games and looks forward to serving these amazing athletes!