Jesse Mason forecasts the weather for the Games

I was asked to help forecast the weather for the 2014 Games. Being able to volunteer is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time, but being able to do it within your profession is even better! I jumped at the opportunity to be able to help out with the Games.

For the first half of the Games I am in charge of supplying the Chefs de Mission with a tailored event forecast each morning before their 7 a.m. meetings. With a list of weather variables that must not be exceeded, I focus on identifying meteorological variables that may pose a problem at any point in the games such as humidity, temperature, wind, rain and severe weather like thunderstorms. My colleague Dr. Greg West will take over for the last half of the games. We are using the products generated by the weather forecast and research team at UBC. In addition to the forecasts, two other members Dr. Rosie Howard and Tim Chui helped construct a custom Olympic website to help disseminate the forecasts in a clear and concise format for each chef to use. We are also on call for any short term weather delays. Although this years games look to be trouble free weather wise, I am excited to be a part of making this an amazing games. Good luck everyone!!!