Pauline Chuang worked with athletes at Track and Field training camps

It has been an honor working with Special Olympics athletes at the Team BC Athletics (Track and Field) training camps, Fun Fitness screenings, and functional movement testing. I had the opportunity to apply what I learned from my courses to teach Athletics athletes about recovery techniques, injury prevention, and pre & post-competition nutrition. During my volunteering experience I also had the chance to assess and demonstrate exercises that will help athletes improve in flexibility, functional strength, aerobic capacity, and balance.
Even though each athlete that I worked with was physically and intellectually different, each one of them always tackles new challenges with determination, courage, and a positive attitude. Despite of the obstacles that these inspiring athletes have gone through, they always have a smile on their faces.
By working with Special Olympic athletes, it reminded me the importance of staying determined through difficulties, having courage to step out of my comfort zone, and having a positive attitude towards all that life has to offer.