Zuroon Ho volunteers as a swim coach

I work with the Vancouver branch SOBC, primarily with winter swimming as a volunteer swim coach. However, my first encounter with Special Olympics was in figure skating as a coach in 2006. My time as a volunteer was incredibly fun for I got to see people grow and people smiling at the chance to do something fun and learn something amazing from it.

Later in 2010, I became a swim coach for the beginning swimmers in the Vancouver branch of SOBC. The main motto of the group was to always have fun, and be safe doing so. This involved a lot of work and management for the ratios of coaches to athletes were often 5:1, but it always worked out smoothly. What was always the best of fun was always singing the hokey pokey, which everyone enjoyed a great deal.

What I have most enjoyed with my time so far with SOBC is just watching the athletes grow and learn, seeing them acquire new skills from utilizing potential many wouldn’t have realized. One athlete was terrified of swimming to the deep end and now he is able to swim on his back all on his own. And what’s best is to always see a great happy smile of enjoyment.